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Time Magazine touches on refugees’ ordeals in RSD

July 19, 2010

A Time cover story on the global refugee problem published this month hit repeatedly on the human impact of UNHCR’s refugee status determination operations. The article captured the joy of one family after learning that UNHCR had recognized their refugee status, the anxiety and insecurity caused by long backlogs and delays in registration, and the critical role the UN refugee agency plays as the last safety net of protection in counties where nearly none exists.

The Time article is about refugees stuck in limbo because governments are closing their doors, and does not discuss the technicalities of RSD. But it repeatedly dealt with UNHCR RSD because it focused on refugees trapped in places like Libya, Indonesia and Malaysia after failed attempts to reach Europe or Australia. It’s no coincidence that these transit countries are sites of large UNHCR RSD operations, and the stories of refugees there are reminders of the importance of UNHCR RSD operations in determining the course of refugee lives.

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