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UNHCR issues new guidelines on Colombian refugee applications

May 30, 2010

UNHCR has issued updated eligibility guidelines for Colombian refugee claims, again recommending refugee protection for many types of Colombian asylum-seekers, and complimentary protection for many others due to continued generalized violence in Colombia. However, UNHCR also cautioned that some Colombian asylum-seekers may have been involved in violence themselves, and thus could be subject to exclusion from Convention refugee protection.

UNHCR highlighted particular risks to:

  • Members and supporters of parties to the conflict.
  • Local and regional government officials.
  • Civil society and human rights activists.
  • Journalists and media professionals.
  • Trade union leaders.
  • Indigenous peoples and Afro-Colombians
  • Certain categories of women and children, especially those from areas most affected by conflict.
  • Other particularly vulnerable social groups.

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