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RSDWatch re-designed and re-launched

April 11, 2010

Asylum Access is pleased to announce the re-design and re-launch of

RSDWatch is now five-years-old, and its purpose remains unchanged: To raise awareness about the way the UN High Commissioner for Refugees conducts refugee status determination (RSD). UNHCR’s RSD procedures are the gateway to protection for tens of thousands of refugees every year, and set an example for governments. Lives depend on how UNHCR makes decisions.

Our new design will help us to update the website more regularly. RSDWatch can now be accessed easily from mobile devices, and includes new search and index functions, as well as a “Quick Guide” to UNHCR’s RSD policies and other resources for advocates and researchers.

We aim to provide accurate and credible information about UNHCR RSD. But that does not mean RSDWatch aims for neutrality. UNHCR has promised progressive reform of its RSD procedures, and we aim to support this effort. We believe that UNHCR’s refugee status determination procedures should meet minimum standards of due process. UNHCR should live up to, and if possible exceed, the standards of fairness it promotes for governments.

We ask for our readers’ help. With our new design readers can easily post comments to each article. You can also email us at If you have information that you believe should be on, let us know. If you believe we have published a factual error, let us know. And if you have an opinion about UNHCR RSD, if you agree, disagree or have something to add, let us know.

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